Part I. Adding Ansible Tower as a Source platform

Connect an Ansible Tower instance to Automation Services Catalog to create products from its inventory of playbooks and workflows your users can view and order from. To add an Ansible Towersource:

  1. Click menu:Settings.
  2. Select Sources
  3. Click Add source.
  4. Enter the source Name and click Next.
  5. Select Catalog from the available applications.
  6. Select Ansible Tower as the source type.
  7. Enter user name and Secret Key credentials.
  8. Provide the Ansible Tower endpoint URL
  9. (Optional) Toggle the switch to verify the endpoint SSL certificate.

    1. Enter the SSL certificate in the Certificate Authority field.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Review your Ansible Tower source details.
  12. Click Finish to add your source.

After connecting your Ansible Tower instance, navigate back to Catalog to review templates available on that platform, and add those products to your portfolios.

1. Creating a portfolio and adding products to it

Now that we have a source for products, we can proceed to create an example portfolio and add a few products from our Ansible Tower to it.