Chapter 8. Supported Configurations

Supported configurations for the AMQ Streams 2.5 release.

8.1. Supported platforms

The following platforms are tested for AMQ Streams 2.5 running with Kafka on the version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) stated.

Operating SystemArchitectureJVM


x86, amd64

Java 11

RHEL 8 and 9

x86, amd64, ppc64le (IBM Power), s390x (IBM Z and IBM® LinuxONE), aarch64 (64-bit ARM)

Java 11 and Java 17

Platforms are tested with Open JDK 11 and 17. The IBM JDK is supported but not regularly tested against during each release. Open JDK 8, Oracle JDK 8 & 11, and IBM JDK 8 are not supported.


Support for aarch64 (64-bit ARM) applies to AMQ Streams 2.5 when running Kafka 3.5.0 only.

8.2. Supported Apache Kafka ecosystem

In AMQ Streams, only the following components released directly from the Apache Software Foundation are supported:

  • Apache Kafka Broker
  • Apache Kafka Connect
  • Apache MirrorMaker
  • Apache MirrorMaker 2
  • Apache Kafka Java Producer, Consumer, Management clients, and Kafka Streams
  • Apache ZooKeeper

Apache ZooKeeper is supported solely as an implementation detail of Apache Kafka and should not be modified for other purposes. Additionally, the cores or vCPU allocated to ZooKeeper nodes are not included in subscription compliance calculations. In other words, ZooKeeper nodes do not count towards a customer’s subscription.

8.3. Additional supported features

  • Kafka Bridge
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Cruise Control
  • Distributed Tracing

See also, Chapter 10, Supported integration with Red Hat products.

8.4. Storage requirements

Kafka requires block storage; file storage options like NFS are not compatible.

Additional resources

For information on the supported configurations for the AMQ Streams 2.2 LTS release, see the AMQ Streams Supported Configurations article on the customer portal.