Chapter 2. Features

AMQ Streams 2.5 introduces the features described in this section.

AMQ Streams 2.5 on RHEL is based on Apache Kafka 3.5.0.


To view all the enhancements and bugs that are resolved in this release, see the AMQ Streams Jira project.

2.1. AMQ Streams 2.5.x (Long Term Support)

AMQ Streams 2.5.x is the Long Term Support (LTS) offering for AMQ Streams.

The latest patch release is AMQ Streams 2.5.1. The AMQ Streams product images have changed to version 2.5.1. The supported Kafka version remains at 3.5.0.

For information on the LTS terms and dates, see the AMQ Streams LTS Support Policy.

2.2. Kafka 3.5.0 support

AMQ Streams now supports and uses Apache Kafka version 3.5.0. Only Kafka distributions built by Red Hat are supported.

For upgrade instructions, see AMQ Streams and Kafka upgrades.

Refer to the Kafka 3.5.0 Release Notes for additional information.

Kafka 3.4.x is supported only for the purpose of upgrading to AMQ Streams 2.5.

Kafka 3.5.0 uses ZooKeeper version 3.6.4, which is a different version to Kafka 3.4.x. We recommend that you perform a rolling update to use the new binaries.


Kafka 3.5.0 provides access to KRaft mode, where Kafka runs without ZooKeeper by utilizing the Raft protocol. KRaft mode is available as a Technology Preview.

2.3. OpenTelemetry for distributed tracing

OpenTelemetry for distributed tracing has moved to GA. You can use OpenTelemetry with a specified tracing system. OpenTelemetry has replaced OpenTracing for distributed tracing. Support for OpenTracing is deprecated.

By Default, OpenTelemetry uses the OTLP (OpenTelemetry Protocol) exporter for tracing. AMQ Streams with OpenTelemetry is distributed for use with the Jaeger exporter, but you can specify other tracing systems supported by OpenTelemetry. AMQ Streams plans to migrate to using OpenTelemetry with the OTLP exporter by default, and is phasing out support for the Jaeger exporter.

See Introducing distributed tracing.