Chapter 2. AMQ Streams installation methods

You can install AMQ Streams on OpenShift 4.10 to 4.13 in two ways.

Installation methodDescription

Installation artifacts (YAML files)

Download Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.4 OpenShift Installation and Example Files from the AMQ Streams software downloads page. Deploy the YAML installation artifacts to your OpenShift cluster using oc. You start by deploying the Cluster Operator from install/cluster-operator to a single namespace, multiple namespaces, or all namespaces.

You can also use the install/ artifacts to deploy the following:

  • AMQ Streams administrator roles (strimzi-admin)
  • A standalone Topic Operator (topic-operator)
  • A standalone User Operator (user-operator)
  • AMQ Streams Drain Cleaner (drain-cleaner)


Use the AMQ Streams operator in the OperatorHub to deploy AMQ Streams to a single namespace or all namespaces.

For the greatest flexibility, choose the installation artifacts method. The OperatorHub method provides a standard configuration and allows you to take advantage of automatic updates.


Installation of AMQ Streams using Helm is not supported.