Chapter 5. Network connections

5.1. Connection URIs

This section describes the standard format of the Connection URI string used to connect to an AMQP remote peer.

 scheme = ( "amqp" | "amqps" )
 host = ( <fully qualified domain name> | <hostname> | <numeric IP address> )

 URI = scheme "://" [user ":" [password] "@"] host [":" port]
  • scheme amqp - connection uses TCP transport and sets the default port to 5672.
  • scheme amqps - connection uses SSL/TLS transport and sets the default port to 5671.
  • user - optional connection authentication user name. If the user name is present then the client initiates an AMQP SASL user credential exchange during connection startup.
  • password - optional connection authentication password.
  • host - network host to which the connection is directed.
  • port - optional network port to which the connection is directed. The default port value is determined by the AMQP transport scheme.

Connection URI Examples


5.2. Reconnect and failover

AMQ .NET does not offer reconnect and failover, but it can be implemented in your application by intercepting connection errors and reconnecting. For example code, see the ReconnectSender.cs example.