Chapter 1. Overview

JBoss Operations Network (JON) is an enterprise, Java-based administration and management platform that you can use to develop, test, deploy, and monitor JBoss middleware applications. JON is based on RHQ. When using the JON platform to manage AMQ Brokers, the system comprises three components:

  • JON server
  • JON agent
  • Plug-in pack

The AMQ Broker plug-in is a connector that enables the JON Agent to collect information about the message brokers running in your JBoss environment.

1.1. Key Features

With the AMQ Broker plug-in for JON, you can:

  • Discover and maintain an inventory of AMQ Brokers.
  • Store, manage, and update AMQ Broker configurations.
  • Detect configuration change, correlate them with performance history, and roll back.
  • Automate and schedule execution of operations for managed resources and resource groups.

1.2. Supported Configurations

The supported configurations for both AMQ broker and JON server apply when you are using them together. Ensure that your systems align with the configurations documented in the following Knowledgebase articles: