Chapter 2. Installation

This chapter describes the prerequisites for installing the AMQ Broker plug-in and the process for obtaining and installing it.

2.1. Prerequisites

Before you can install the AMQ Broker plug-in, the following components must be installed, configured, and running:

  • JBoss ON Server
  • AMQ Broker
  • JON Agent

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2.2. Downloading and Installing the AMQ Broker Plug-in

JON uses plug-ins to handle specific JBoss resources, such as AMQ or EAP, and other applications. JON resource plug-ins are distributed in “plug-in packs” that are distributed separately from the JON Server and JON Agents. Plug-in packs may also require a separate subscription to download them.

When you install a plug-in pack on the JON server, its contents are available for download by JON agents. As a result, JBoss resources can be discovered and imported into the inventory to be managed.

To download and install the plug-in pack, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal and navigate to the Software Download page.
  2. Select JBoss ON for AMQ from the Product drop-down menu. The Software Downloads page reloads and displays available releases.
  3. Select Download. A dialog prompts you to open or save the zip archive file.
  4. Save the zip archive and extract the files to a temporary directory, for example:

    [smith@server rhq-agent]$ unzip -d /tmp

    This creates a subdirectory with the name jon-plugin-pack-3.3.

  5. Copy the extracted plug-in JAR files from the jon-plugin-pack-plugin_3.3/ directory to the JBoss ON server plug-in directory. For example:

    [root@server rhq-agent]# cp /tmp/jon-plugin-pack-plugin_3.3/*.jar /opt/jon/jon-server-3.3.GA/plugins

2.3. Updating the Plug-ins on the JON Server

On stand-alone platforms, prompt the JBoss ON server to update its plug-ins by either restarting the server or by using the JON web interface, as follows:

  1. Click Administration > Configuration > Agent Plugins.
  2. Click Scan For Updates in the bottom left corner.
  3. Locate Red Hat JBoss AMQ 7 in the list of agent plug-ins and verify that the Last Updated timestamp is current.

On managed platforms, you can prompt agents to manually reload their plug-ins by using the plugins command:

[jsmith@server ~]$ agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ > plugins update

Alternatively, if the agents are imported into the JON inventory, this can be done in the JON GUI by scheduling an update plugins operation for an agent or a group of agents. To do so, select the agent resource entry in the inventory, open the Operations tab, and schedule the update plug-ins operation.

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