Chapter 3. Configuration

3.1. Configuring Authorization

AMQ Broker has role based access control (RBAC) that is used to restrict access to the attributes and methods of MBeans. For instructions on how this is configured see Configuring AMQ Broker.

If the broker is configured to use RBAC then the JON plugin must be configured with the correct username and password so that the plugin can authenticate against the broker. Once authenticated any access to MBeans will be restricted based on the BROKER_INSTANCE_DIR/etc/management.xml configuration file.

The JON plugin’s default user is 'admin' and default password is 'activemq'. You can configure the plugin to use a different user/password to connect to the broker. When the JON plugin is being initiated, it loads the JMX credentials from a configuration file located at BROKER_INSTANCE_DIR/etc/org.jboss.rh-messaging.amq.jon.cfg

This configuration file will look something like this.

principal = username
credentials = password
connectorAddress = service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:11099/jmxrmi

This configuration file also contains the connectorAddress property which is the JMX address that the plugin will use to connect to the broker.

3.2. Populating the Inventory

The Inventory is where all manageable resources and groups are shown. To populate the AMQ Broker resources, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Resources > Discovery Queue in the left navigation pane. At least one resource, an AMQ Broker instance, is displayed in the Discovery Queue window.
  2. Expand the broker resource entry by clicking the down arrow in the Resource Name column. Sub-entries for at least two servers are displayed, including the AMQ 7 Server and the JMX server. The AMQ 7 Server is the entity for which we need to populate the inventory.
  3. In the Resource Name column, click the checkbox next to the AMQ 7 Server sub-entry. Note that the Import and Ignore buttons are enabled in the bottom left part of the window. Click Import.
  4. A Question dialog opens and asks if you want to discover the platform children. Click Yes. You should see a confirmation message stating that the resources were successfully imported.
  5. Verify that the import was successful by clicking Resources > Platform in the left navigation pane. You should see multiple entries running in the Platforms window, such as the AMQ Server and the JON Server.