Chapter 6. Upgrading AMQ Interconnect

You should upgrade AMQ Interconnect to the latest version to ensure that you have the latest enhancements and fixes. The upgrade process involves installing the new AMQ Interconnect packages and restarting your routers.

You can use these instructions to upgrade AMQ Interconnect to a new minor release or maintenance release.

Minor Release
AMQ Interconnect periodically provides point releases, which are minor updates that include new features, as well as bug and security fixes. If you plan to upgrade from one AMQ Interconnect point release to another, for example, from AMQ Interconnect 1.0 to AMQ Interconnect 1.1, code changes should not be required for applications that do not use private, unsupported, or technical preview components.
Maintenance Release
AMQ Interconnect also periodically provides maintenance releases that contain bug fixes. Maintenance releases increment the minor release version by the last digit, for example from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. A maintenance release should not require code changes; however, some maintenance releases might require configuration changes.


Before performing an upgrade, you should have reviewed the release notes for the target release to ensure that you understand the new features, enhancements, fixes, and issues. To find the release notes for the target release, see the Red Hat Customer Portal.


  1. Upgrade the qpid-dispatch-router and qpid-dispatch-tools packages and their dependencies:

    $ sudo yum update qpid-dispatch-router qpid-dispatch-tools

    For more information, see Chapter 5, Installing AMQ Interconnect.

  2. Restart each router in your router network.

    To avoid disruption, you should restart each router one at a time.

    This example restarts a router in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7:

    $ systemctl restart qdrouterd.service

    For more information about starting a router, see Section 5.3, “Starting a router”.