Chapter 7. Configuring router properties

By default, AMQ Interconnect operates in standalone mode with a randomly-generated ID. If you want to use this router in a router network, you must change these properties.


  1. Open the /etc/qpid-dispatch/qdrouterd.conf configuration file.
  2. In the router section, specify the mode and ID.

    This example shows a router configured to operate in interior mode:

    router {
        mode: interior
        id: Router.A

    Specify one of the following modes:

    • standalone - Use this mode if the router does not communicate with other routers and is not part of a router network. When operating in this mode, the router only routes messages between directly connected endpoints.
    • interior - Use this mode if the router is part of a router network and needs to collaborate with other routers.
    • edge - Use this mode if the router is an edge router that will connect to a network of interior routers.
    The unique identifier for the router. This ID will also be the container name at the AMQP protocol level.
  3. If necessary, configure any additional properties for the router.

    For information about additional attributes, see router in the qdrouterd.conf man page.