Chapter 5. Known issues

This section lists the known issues for AMQ Online 1.5.

  • ENTMQMAAS-1281: Resources not deleted when uninstalling AMQ Online using OLM on OpenShift Container Platform 4.1

    Workaround: For the workaround about how to remove all resources when uninstalling AMQ Online using the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM), see Removing remaining resources after uninstalling AMQ Online using the Operator Lifecycle Manager.

  • ENTMQMAAS-1799: Possible to define duplicate addresses using router pattern-matching syntax

    When defining addresses in a standard address space instance, be aware that the following restrictions affect the composition of the spec.address field in the address resource.

    The router specifies both period (.) and forward slash (/) characters as address separator characters and that both characters are equivalent. In addition, the router infers a leading address separator character even if it is not explicitly included.

    Since AMQ Online does not encode these rules, care must be taken to avoid defining addresses that collide on the router network.

    Workaround: One way to avoid this collision is to follow these guidelines for defining addresses:

    • Use either a period or a forward slash in the addresses, but do not use both.
    • Do not begin addresses with an address separator character.

    For more information about address pattern matching on the router, see the Red Hat AMQ Interconnect documentation, Address pattern matching.

  • ENTMQMAAS-2646: Missing auto links following an upgrade from AMQ Online 1.5.3 to 1.5.4

    To learn how to work around this issue, see the following Red Hat Knowledgebase Solution: