Chapter 4. Uninstalling AMQ Online

You must uninstall AMQ Online using the same method that you used to install AMQ Online.

4.1. Uninstalling AMQ Online using the YAML bundle

This method uninstalls AMQ Online that was installed using the YAML bundle.


  1. Log in as a user with cluster-admin privileges:

    oc login -u system:admin
  2. Delete the cluster-level resources:

    oc delete crd -l app=enmasse,enmasse-component=iot
    oc delete crd -l app=enmasse --timeout=600s
    oc delete clusterrolebindings -l app=enmasse
    oc delete clusterroles -l app=enmasse
    oc delete apiservices -l app=enmasse
    oc delete oauthclients -l app=enmasse
  3. (OpenShift 4) Delete the console integration:

    oc delete consolelinks -l app=enmasse
  4. (Optional) Delete the service catalog integration:

    oc delete clusterservicebrokers -l app=enmasse
  5. Delete the project where AMQ Online is deployed:

    oc delete project amq-online-infra

4.2. Uninstalling the AMQ Online Operator using the OpenShift Container Platform 4.x console

You can uninstall the AMQ Online Operator on an OpenShift Container Platform 4.1 cluster in the OpenShift Container Platform console.


  • An installed AMQ Online Operator on a OpenShift Container Platform 4.1 cluster.


  1. From the Project list, select the openshift-operators project.
  2. Click Catalog → Operator Management. The Operator Management page opens.
  3. Click the Operator Subscriptions tab.
  4. Find the AMQ Online Operator you want to uninstall. In the far right column, click the vertical ellipsis icon and select Remove Subscription.
  5. When prompted by the Remove Subscription window, select the Also completely remove the AMQ Online Operator from the selected namespace check box to remove all components related to the installation.
  6. Click Remove. The AMQ Online Operator will stop running and no longer receive updates.

4.2.1. Removing remaining resources after uninstalling AMQ Online using the Operator Lifecycle Manager

Due to ENTMQMAAS-1281, some resources remain after uninstalling AMQ Online using the Operator Lifecycle Manager. This procedure removes the remaining resources, which completely uninstalls AMQ Online.


  1. On the command line, log in as a user with permissions to run commands in the openshift-operators project:

    oc login -u system:admin
  2. Change to the openshift-operators project:

    oc project openshift-operators
  3. Run the following commands to remove any remaining resources:

    oc delete all -l app=enmasse
    oc delete crd -l app=enmasse
    oc delete apiservices -l app=enmasse
    oc delete cm -l app=enmasse
    oc delete secret -l app=enmasse