Chapter 1. Overview of AMQ Streams

AMQ Streams is based on Apache Kafka, a popular platform for streaming data delivery and processing. AMQ Streams makes it easy to run Apache Kafka on OpenShift.

AMQ Streams provides three operators:

Cluster Operator
Responsible for deploying and managing Apache Kafka clusters within an OpenShift cluster.
Topic Operator
Responsible for managing Kafka topics within a Kafka cluster running within an OpenShift cluster.
User Operator
Responsible for managing Kafka users within a Kafka cluster running within an OpenShift cluster.

The Cluster Operator can deploy the Topic Operator and User Operator (as part of an Entity Operator configuration) at the same time as a Kafka cluster.

Operators within the AMQ Streams architecture


1.1. Kafka Key Features

  • Designed for horizontal scalability
  • Message ordering guarantee at the partition level
  • Message rewind/replay

    • "Long term" storage allows the reconstruction of an application state by replaying the messages
    • Combines with compacted topics to use Kafka as a key-value store

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1.2. Document Conventions


In this document, replaceable text is styled in monospace and italics.

For example, in the following code, you will want to replace my-namespace with the name of your namespace:

sed -i 's/namespace: .*/namespace: my-namespace/' install/cluster-operator/*RoleBinding*.yaml