Chapter 11. Uninstalling AMQ Streams

This procedure describes how to uninstall AMQ Streams and remove resources related to the deployment.


In order to perform this procedure, identify resources created specifically for a deployment and referenced from the AMQ Streams resource.

Such resources include:

  • Secrets (Custom CAs and certificates, Kafka Connect secrets, and other Kafka secrets)
  • Logging ConfigMaps (of type external)

These are resources referenced by Kafka, KafkaConnect, KafkaConnectS2I, or KafkaMirrorMaker configuration.


  1. Delete the cluster operator Deployment, related CustomResourceDefinitions, and RBAC resources:

    oc delete -f install/cluster-operator

    Deleting CustomResourceDefinitions results in the garbage collection of the corresponding custom resources (Kafka, KafkaConnect, KafkaConnectS2I, or KafkaMirrorMaker) and the resources dependent on them (Deployments, StatefulSets, and other dependent resources).

  2. Delete the resources you identified in the prerequisites.