Chapter 4. Resolved Issues

  • ENTMQIC-1985 - Management agent misreports the SSL/TLS version

    In previous versions of AMQ Interconnect, when using SSL/TLS in a connection, the management agent reported the protocol version to be TLSv1/SSLv3 when the protocol actually being used on the wire was TLSv1.2.

    This was an issue in the underlying qpid-proton library and was fixed in qpid-proton 0.20.

  • ENTMQIC-1997 - Router crash when executing pn_class_incref () in

    In previous versions of AMQ Interconnect, a defect caused the router to crash under certain load conditions. This issue has been corrected, and the crashes are no longer seen.

  • ENTMQIC-1929 - qdmanage tool filtering by "type" is shady

    When using the qdmanage tool, you can now use the --type argument to operate on a particular type of entity. Previously, qdmanage ignored --type for certain commands.

  • ENTMQIC-1978 - cannot set address phase via qdmanage tool

    Previously, if you used the qdmanage tool to create addresses or auto-links with a non-default phase, the phase number was not correctly interpreted by the tool. This has been corrected and it is now possible to use qdmanage to configure non-default uses of address phase.

  • ENTMQIC-1986 - Detach not echoed back in multi-hop link route due to wrong session being closed

    Previously, link-routed links would sometimes fail to close completely under certain load conditions. This defect has been corrected, and routed-links now close cleanly and completely.

  • ENTMQIC-2000 - enable sasl plugin for websocket connections

    Previously, authentication was not usable in HTTP/Websocket listeners. This defect has been corrected, and you can now configure SASL client authentication for HTTP/Websocket listeners.

  • ENTMQIC-2004 - Transactional behaviour different in client router broker scenario versus client broker

    Previously, if a link was repeatedly drained and then restarted, flow-control credit would not always be accounted correctly (particularly when using the AMQ JMS client). This issue has been corrected, and credit is now correctly tracked over multiple drain-restart cycles.

  • ENTMQIC-1992 - Enabling AMQ 7.1 Broker failback breaks failover support

    Previously, if a router was connected to the master instance of a broker cluster, and then failed over to the backup instance, it was possible for the router to lose track of the master instance and fail to reconnect to it after it was back online. This issue has been fixed to ensure that a router can always reconnect to the original master instance in a broker cluster.

  • ENTMQIC-2003 - Allow address translation on link routes

    In this version of AMQ Interconnect, you can now use address translation for link routes. The addExternalPrefix and delExternalPrefix configuration attributes have been added, which enable you to add or remove a prefix in the address to form a different address for the route-container than the address used in the router network.

  • ENTMQIC-2023 - qdrouterd accumulates memory on connections with link attach+detach loop

    In previous versions of AMQ Interconnect, a defect caused memory usage to build up when a long-lived connection carried many link attaches and detaches. The memory for the links was not freed until the connection was closed. This defect has been corrected, and link memory is reclaimed when the link is closed.

For additional details about issues resolved in maintenance releases, see the following articles: