Chapter 2. Enhancements

  • ENTMQIC-1993 - Allow policy for sources and targets to handle multiple wildcards

    The syntax for vhost policies has been improved in this version of AMQ Interconnect. You can now use multiple wildcard characters in source and target patterns.

  • ENTMQIC-1990 - Allow restriction of TLS and SSL protocol versions to be used in connections

    In this version of AMQ Interconnect, you can now specify the SSL/TLS protocol version to be used in connections. You can use this capability to block versions of the protocol that have been shown to have security vulnerabilities.

  • ENTMQIC-1988 - Enhanced statistics available from router

    This version of AMQ Interconnect adds several new statistics to the router management schema. You can now view more detailed statistics, including rolled-up, per-router statistics.

  • ENTMQIC-1987 - Edge router mode for improved scale and efficiency

    AMQ Interconnect 1.3 introduces a new "edge" router operating mode. You can now create router networks containing both edge and interior routers in which clients connect to the edge routers, and the edge routers connect to the interior routers. This topology enables you to scale the router network to thousands of individual routers without suffering the memory use issues, route computational load, and delivery disruption that could occur in router networks containing large numbers of interior routers.