Chapter 4. Known issues

4.1. AMQ Python

  • ENTMQCL-483 - Selectors with backslashes are invalid in non-Unicode strings

    The Selector option on Container.create_receiver() accepts a string. If the string is not supplied as Unicode (in Python 2, u"somestring"), any elements escaped with backslashes might not be processed correctly.

    Workaround: Users of Python 2 should use an explicit Unicode string in filter declarations to avoid the problem.

  • ENTMQCL-546 - Transactions introduce unexpected link events

    Starting a transaction internally opens a sending link for controlling the transaction. This special link can trigger extra application events.

    Workaround: Code using transactions should ensure link handler functions are processing the link they expect.

4.2. AMQ .NET

  • ENTMQCL-794 - Transactions do not work with .NET Core

    Rolling back transactions when using AMQ .NET on .NET Core is not working as expected.

    Workaround: Use .NET Framework 4.5 instead of .NET Core if you require transactions.