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Chapter 3. Resolved Issues

3.1. AMQ JavaScript

  • ENTMQCL-485 - Filter module unavailable in the browser

    In earlier releases of the product, the filter module was unavailable in a browser. As a consequence, filters could not be used in browser code.

    In this release, the filter module is made available from the container object and is now usable in browser code.

  • ENTMQCL-490 - Logging prints [object] instead of content of object

    In earlier releases of the product, the code to print object information was not showing component details of the object. As a consequence, log messages had less detail than expected.

    In this release, the object printing code now prints the members representing the object and the log messages have the expected level of detail.

  • ENTMQCL-505 - Examples fail on Node.js 0.10

    In earlier releases of the product, the example code had a dependency on an arg parsing module that is not available for Node.js 0.10. As a consequence, the examples failed to run.

    In this release, the examples are rewritten to use another arg parsing module, and now the examples can run on Node.js 0.10.

  • ENTMQCL-532 - The browserify command ignores locally installed files

    In previous releases of the product, the browserify script did not include locally installed files in its path. As a result, you could not run the script without NPM (node package manager) installing all of your code.

    In the this release, the current directory is now included in the Node.js path and the browserify script uses code from modules in the current directory.

3.2. AMQ JMS

  • ENTMQCL-511 - Memory leak after remote connection close

    In earlier releases of the product, various concurrent AMQP operations were triggering memory leaks. As a consequence, client memory use was growing.

    In this release, the leaks are fixed and client memory use is now stable.

3.3. AMQ Python

  • ENTMQCL-470 - Faulty error handling when listener address is already in use

    In earlier releases of the product, there was an incorrect string format in an error handler. As a consequence, the address already in use error message was obscured.

    In this release, the string format is corrected and the error message is no longer obscured.

  • ENTMQCL-471 - Creating a container leaks two file descriptors

    In earlier releases of the product, the client was not cleaning up all references to internal objects. As a consequence, file descriptors were not being freed after container deletion.

    In this release, the client frees all of its file descriptors on container deletion.