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Chapter 4. Known Issues

4.1. AMQ C++

  • ENTMQCL-565 - Windows build does not compile the examples that require C++11

    The AMQ C++ client is supported for use on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. However, compiling the examples as C++11 is not yet supported on this operating system.

  • ENTMQCL-584 - Kerberos authentication cannot proceed if the user option is not set

    In order for Kerberos authentication to succeed, a value must be supplied to the user connection option. This value need not match the credential established using kinit.

4.2. AMQ Python

  • ENTMQCL-483 - Selectors with backslashes are invalid in non-Unicode strings

    The Selector option on Container.create_receiver() accepts a string. If the string is not supplied as Unicode (in Python 2, u"somestring"), any elements escaped with backslashes might not be processed correctly.

    Workaround: Users of Python 2 should use an explicit Unicode string in filter declarations to avoid the problem.

  • ENTMQCL-546 - Transactions introduce unexpected link events

    Starting a transaction internally opens a sending link for controlling the transaction. This special link can trigger extra application events.

    Workaround: Code using transactions should ensure link handler functions are processing the link they expect.

4.3. AMQ .NET

  • ENTMQCL-500 - Receive does not raise exception when link closed with error

    Pipelined protocol state events can prevent the client from raising link errors to the API user. Notification of errors might occur in subsequent event handling functions.