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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat AMQ

Chapter 2. Enhancements

2.1. AMQ C++

  • ENTMQCL-420 - Improve the API for handling map data

    The API for map-structured data now provides methods to convert to standard C++ data structures as well as to raw proton::value objects.

  • ENTMQCL-516 - Expose connection driver "tick"

    The connection_driver interface now includes a method to trigger additional IO and event processing. This is useful for custom IO integrations.

  • ENTMQCL-527 - Improve the API for scheduling work

    This release introduces the work_queue and work interfaces. They enable you to define routines that can be injected into the event-processing stream across thread boundaries or scheduled for later execution.

  • AMQ C++ is now based on Qpid Proton 0.18.0

2.2. AMQ JavaScript

2.3. AMQ JMS

  • ENTMQCL-543 - Add ability to reject messages in JmsRedeliveryPolicy

    You can now set the message-acknowledgment policy for redelivered messages using the jms.redeliveryPolicy.outcome connection URI option.

  • Add support for the Netty epoll transport

    If the OS supports it, the client now uses the epoll IO interface for improved performance.

  • AMQ JMS is now based on Qpid JMS 0.26.0

2.4. AMQ Python