Chapter 2. Enhancements

  • ENTMQBR-512 - Console should display message body

    As of this release, the message body is displayed when messages are browsed by using the AMQ Console.

  • ENTMQBR-327 - Design and implement an addressing system that can be used cross-protocol

    Previously, there were issues observed when sending/receiving messages between a core JMS client and clients using other protocols. This was because the core JMS client used prefixes for destinations (namely, jms.topic. and jms.queue) that were hidden. The new addressing model in AMQ 7 enables customers to configure destinations that independent of JMS conventions.

  • ENTMQBR-312 - Support 'anonymous' senders

    Previously, the broker did not support AMQP clients creating sender links with a null target address and then identifying the destination of each message by using its 'to' field.

    For the AMQP JMS client, this meant that any 'anonymous' MessageProducers (those created without a Destination) needed to open and close a sending link for each message that was sent. Similarly, the same scenario occurred for every message sent by using JmsProducer instances, as these were also all 'anonymous'. Due to both of these scenarios, performance was negatively impacted. Support for 'anonymous' senders is added in this release.