4.2. Container - 6.3.0

Table 4.2, “Container Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 4.2. Container Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

Issue NumberDescription
COLLECTIONS-580[COLLECTIONS-580] Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-1609Can not install fuse as system service on AIX7.1
ENTESB-3997admin:create && admin:start doesn't work after 6.2 P2 patch
ENTESB-4055Improve Hawt.io Performance
ENTESB-4156On Windows offline patching causes "javax.management.InstanceAlreadyExistsException: org.fusesource.insight:type=Log Query"
ENTESB-4223Feature camel-spring security does not install spring-security-config bundle
ENTESB-4231Unable to unzip RC4 prepatched zip on windows 2012 RC4
ENTESB-4398Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-4443null log msg causes org.apache.felix.eventadmin.impl.adapter.LogEventAdapter to be removed
ENTESB-4447Incompatible TypedQuery exception is thrown when application(Using JPA-Hibernate) bundle is refreshed/re-installed
ENTESB-4450admin:connect default username is not the sme as admin:create
ENTESB-4458bin\client.bat doesn't work on windows
ENTESB-4495Hibernate and Bundle ClassLoaders out of sync on Bundle Refresh
ENTESB-4616Space in path results in bin/karaf: line 417: [: /home/fuse/te: binary operator expected
ENTESB-4742Default "org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra" configuration should be empty
ENTESB-4838Camel on EAP bundles Spring version other than Karaf
ENTESB-48866.2.1 Patching mechanism should support applying rollup patch to non-fabric child containers
ENTESB-4889Xslt Transformation seems to be broken in Fuse 6.2.1
ENTESB-4902Fuse 6.2.1 failed to handle maven repository url with special characters like "@" for authentication parameters.
ENTESB-4903[Solaris 11] local: not found when starting fuse
ENTESB-4921problem with installing / uninstalling features in fuse 6.3
ENTESB-4935admin script report wrong pid and wrong status
ENTESB-4954can't install feature camel-spring-redis
ENTESB-4955deltaspike-* features can't be installed (versions 1.3.0 or 1.5.1)
ENTESB-4957missing package org.apache.geronimo.osgi.locator for features:install pax-*-tomcat
ENTESB-4960ssh:sshd command lists default values twice
ENTESB-4967Karaf Wrapper fails if Path to KARAF_HOME Contains Spaces
ENTESB-4980[Karaf-service] Karaf-service.sh script does nothing on Debian (in docker)
ENTESB-4997redirect parent and child instance std out to a karaf.out file
ENTESB-4999Apply the same logic of ENTESB-4935 to karaf.bat script
ENTESB-5003[Win+Karaf-service] Can't run .exe on win server 2012r2
ENTESB-5015Aries JPA unable inject jpa context in blueprint
ENTESB-5045[Karaf-service.sh] Not working on AIX and HPUX
ENTESB-50586.3.0 DR2 doesn't start on Windows
ENTESB-5065localhost:8181/hawtio/index.html not available (404)
ENTESB-5067"The syntax of the command is incorrect" error when running "shutdown -f"
ENTESB-5104In JBoss Fuse shell, when running grep, there will be 3 ANSI reset sequence on each line.
ENTESB-5118Invalid BundleContext when installing patch feature to admin:created container
ENTESB-5131[6.3] Can't start fuse on solaris 10
ENTESB-5132[6.3] Solaris 10 does not like a first empty row in the service file
ENTESB-5157Not able to login when user belongs to jaas PublickeyLoginModule.
ENTESB-5179Maven proxy behavior broken
ENTESB-5191Apparent mismatch between command count with tab completion
ENTESB-5217Feature Installation - no Refresh of Fragment-Host bundle upon installation of fragment bundle
ENTESB-5323javax.management.openmbean.KeyAlreadyExistsException thrown by hawtio-osgi-jmx
ENTESB-5332Fuse doesn't start after unexpected termination
ENTESB-5366Fuse client fails with java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException
ENTESB-5370Aries transaction manager fails with background connection validation
ENTESB-5395Wildcard in NCName for Camel CXF Transport in Blueprint
ENTESB-5399Fuse on windows does not start without data directory
ENTESB-5401fix pax-http-tomcat jaxp-api dependencies
ENTESB-5410please fix duplicate javax.mail in fuse
ENTESB-5540Exceptions in log after *:help - Service cannot be cast: org.apache.felix.scr.impl.ScrGogoCommand
ENTESB-5550Bundle "spring-security-config" from servicemix does not contain spring metadata
ENTESB-5588Switchyard reference throws ClassCastException with IBM java
ENTESB-5608Revert hard coded v1.7 jdk for darwin in karaf launch script introduced via KARAF-2921
ENTESB-5620wrapper:install on solaris11 lacks instructions to symlink scripts
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5683get Exception when enter "tab" from karaf console
ENTESB-5700[fabric:create] Error executing command: Unable to create zookeeper server configuration
ENTESB-5716Can't create child on 111, 115
ENTESB-5760Can't create child on ssh container
ENTESB-5762Can't resolve any of the quickstarts in build #125
ENTESB-5792We are not properly replacing versions in client.bat in jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-131
ENTESB-5795ldap connection pool not created when using ssl (ldaps)
ENTESB-5850javax.management.openmbean.KeyAlreadyExistsException thrown at JMX org.apache.karaf - services
ENTESB-5860Camel-amq quickstart is not processing files
ENTESB-5869Exception when Encrypting with PGPDataFormat
ENTESB-59176.2.1 R3 prevents base DN lookup in Tivoli LDAP Server
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTESB-5942karaf jaas modules test failing on IBM JDK
ENTESB-5961hawtio not showing activemq tab
ENTESB-6101Fuse won't start with IBM java
ENTMQ-1683*:help missing descriptions for activemq commands
KARAF-3240BundleWatcher should not depend to pax-url-mvn
KARAF-3327Incorrect LC_CTYPE parsing
KARAF-4005Different locations for KARAF_HOME and KARAF_BASE
KARAF-4024role.policy "group" ceased to function
KARAF-4123Provide a more dynamic default for serviceUrl configuration
KARAF-4150bin/status fails if KARAF_DEBUG is set
KARAF-4247Issues with LDAP caching
KARAF-4330Instance script doesn't return correct PID number if root instance is started two times
KARAF-4348[RBAC] Wildcard PIDs chosen before more specific ones
KARAF-4373Karaf.bat script produces "The syntax of the command is incorrect" even if it is working properly
KARAF-4499Can't start a crashed server on Windows
KARAF-4607ldap connection pool not created when using ssl (ldaps)
KARAF-4659Ability to disable ldap listeners
KARAF-4686ClassLoader leak with RmiRegistryFactory and sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPEndpoint
KARAF-4687ClassLoader leak with java.lang.Exception and karaf.exception library