5.2. Container - 6.3.0

Table 5.2, “Container Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.2. Container Enhancements in 6.3.0

KARAF-4343Upgrade to Xalan 2.7.2_3
KARAF-4449Upgrade to Aries proxy-impl 1.0.5
ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option
ENTESB-4674jmxRole configuration not inherited from parent when creating child container
ENTESB-4787Fabric child container's initial properties should default to those of its parent
ENTESB-4839System scripts: provide Systemd templates to manage Karaf child instances
ENTESB-4865Improve support for Solaris 10 init scripts
ENTESB-4989Improve fuse init scripts
ENTESB-5215Add "-Xshareclasses:none" to DEFAULT_JAVA_OPTS for IBM Java
ENTESB-5553Use Red Hat build of winsw
ENTESB-5632Download brew tanuki libs rather than checking them into source
ENTESB-4386Use system specific init scripts
ENTESB-4440upgrade to jetty 9
ENTESB-5236Need DigestPasswordLoginModule so PasswordDigest can work with Karaf JAAS realm
ARIES-1395Add a structure-only option to Blueprint xml-validation feature
KARAF-2921bin/karaf selecting the wrong Java VM on a computer with Java 8 installed
KARAF-3016Be able to redirect child instance std out in a file
KARAF-4243Add apache ignite to feature repo:add shorthand
KARAF-4351[RBAC] Optimize access to JMXSecurityMBean.canInvoke(Map)
KARAF-4520Add DigestPasswordLoginModule so PasswordDigest can work with Karaf JAAS realm
KARAF-4523JMXSecurityMBean bulk canInvoke should be robust even if bulkQuery contains duplicate operations
KARAF-4157Provide system script to start Karaf without service wrapper
ENTESB-4953incorrect version imports in features:install camel-spring-security
ENTESB-5243Upgrade pax-url to version >= 2.4.7
ENTESB-1335Use Red Hat Tanuki build in Fuse 6.1
ENTESB-4708[6.3] Summary of problems with version alignment
ENTESB-5376Remove spring-dm support
ENTESB-5408Upgrade to Pax Logging 1.8.5
ENTESB-55Staring FuseESB on Windows shows karaf in the window title bar
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments
KARAF-4349Use the same approach of KARAF-4330 in karaf.bat script
KARAF-4363ssh:sshd command shows default values twice