5.3. Fuse Fabric - 6.3.0

Table 5.3, “Fabric Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.3. Fabric Enhancements in 6.3.0

KARAF-4449Upgrade to Aries proxy-impl 1.0.5
ENTESB-2705Appending value to property in default profile breaks property file
ENTESB-3155mq-create : use default-version when no version is specified, instead of 1.0
ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTESB-4221Please tidy up jetty port references in our configuration files
ENTESB-4222Improve the recovery of fuse ensemble cluster
ENTESB-4581Fabric8 jvm options for nodes should be applied when node is started using bin/karaf
ENTESB-4583Need a way to change the user credentials for managing SSH containers
ENTESB-4598Need a way to set "autopurge.purgeInterval" of Zookeeper.
ENTESB-4600[patching] Add warning or error when applying patch for Fuse 6.1 on Fuse 6.2
ENTESB-4674jmxRole configuration not inherited from parent when creating child container
ENTESB-4684Request to provide additional status in the fabric:container-list command
ENTESB-4726Upgrade swagger to 1.5.4
ENTESB-4787Fabric child container's initial properties should default to those of its parent
ENTESB-4917Enhance Exception Reporting In FabricFeaturesServiceImpl
ENTESB-5041Add option to "fabric:requirements-export" command to indent requirements-export json output
ENTESB-5052Update the camel-cxf-code-first and camel-cxf-contract-first quickstarts so they don't use the same endpoints
ENTESB-5182Please include org.springframework/spring-webmvc in Fuse BOM
ENTESB-5479Fabric should externalize jolokia-access.xml, or provide similar configuration facilities
ENTESB-5533unable to delete resource from fabric:profile-edit --delete
ENTESB-5537[patching] Make it easier to patch patching mechanism itself
ENTESB-5805beginner/camel-log-wiki example uses invalid timer value
ENTESB-4340Delete bin/deletefabric8 script
ENTESB-4386Use system specific init scripts
ENTESB-4440upgrade to jetty 9
ENTESB-4441upgrade to CXF 3.1
ENTESB-4852Support AMQ 7 clients and camel connector
ENTESB-4901Missing --manual-ip parameter for fabric:container-resolver-set manualip
ARIES-1395Add a structure-only option to Blueprint xml-validation feature
CAMEL-9039Feature camel-core contains bundles, which should be made optional for micro-services deployment
ENTESB-4806Race condition in Fabric environment deploying SAP Components to child container
ENTESB-5243Upgrade pax-url to version >= 2.4.7
ENTESB-4708[6.3] Summary of problems with version alignment
ENTESB-4857Disable geoIP by default
ENTESB-5408Upgrade to Pax Logging 1.8.5
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments
ENTESB-5764[maven] Verify whether fabric-maven should serve SNAPSHOTs from defaultRepositories
ENTESB-5803[patching] split patch-core to impl and api bundles