Chapter 4. Resolved Issues

4.1. Messaging - 6.3.0

Table 4.1, “Messaging Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 4.1. Messaging Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

Issue NumberDescription
AMQ-5854Duplicate messages when failover is done during prepare phase of two phase commit.
AMQ-5856allowLinkStealing option is not working when using mqtt over websocket
AMQ-5857Message content stored twice while sending
AMQ-5865Enable "getRemoteAddress()" method in WebSocket Requests
AMQ-5870Lazy create if MQTTProtocolConverter in the WebSocket transport needs to be thread safe
AMQ-5875Removing a destination when using mKahaDB can cause an IllegalStateException
AMQ-5890AMQP: possible NPE when handling disposition with Modified state
AMQ-5891AMQP: update to proton-j 0.10
AMQ-5895FilteredDestinations do not work when loaded by runtimeConfigurationPlugin
AMQ-5903Message headers are lost when using the Broker Component for Camel
AMQ-5914Pull consumer hang when message expires in flight.
AMQ-5933NullPointerException in SelectorAwareVirtualTopicInterceptor
AMQ-5972Policy entries not applied in correct order
AMQ-6000Pause/resume feature of ActiveMQ not resuming properly
AMQ-6005Slave broker startup corrupts shared PList storage
AMQ-6013Restrict classes that can be serialized in ObjectMessages
AMQ-6014Offline Durable Topic Subscription exceeds memory limits
AMQ-6029wss transport don't work with certificate authentication properly
AMQ-6031AMQP: use System.nanoTime() when deriving time to tick the transport with for idle-timeout handling
AMQ-6046Concurrent access to a Transport from WebSocket client can deadlock
AMQ-6055SASL PLAIN auth with AMQP doesn't take authzid into account
AMQ-6059DLQ message lost after broker restarts
AMQ-6060"Will message" retain property is not respected
AMQ-6065Allow selective use of broker systemExitOnShutdown from DefaultIOExceptionHandler
AMQ-6066Performance issue in OrderedPendingList
AMQ-6068RAR - cannot reset clientId on pooled managed connection
AMQ-6069Purging a Queue can lead to OOM error with prioritized messages
AMQ-6070originalDestination property of advisory messages set to message id in error
AMQ-6071Log info about corrupted journal records at WARN level
AMQ-6073WebSockets no longer working on most browers
AMQ-6074AMQ4126Test#testOpenwireNIOSSLWithCertificate fails with JDK8
AMQ-6083Broker starts on corrupted kahadb despite checkForCorruptJournalFiles="true" and ignoreMissingJournalfiles="false"
AMQ-6086Broker stop and start are not at all thread safe - we can do better
AMQ-6088Runtime configuration does not properly apply policy updates
AMQ-6094Memory Leak with abnormal disconnecting consumers
AMQ-6102JMX SubscriptionViewMBean reset statistics method doesn't reset
AMQ-6113Add the X-Frame-Options" header for the WebConsole
AMQ-6121Messages can continually expire from DLQ and back
AMQ-6122Potential Deadlock when a duplicate message is read from the store for the DLQ destination
AMQ-6124failover backup transports do not update the brokerInfo leaving stale org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnection#getBrokerName
AMQ-6125Potential NPE in session rollback if no default redlivery policy configured
AMQ-6128browsing priority queue can return messages in different order than they will be consumed
AMQ-6131Durable subscription rewrote in journal can be to agressive and cause message loss on recovery
AMQ-6133Message updates can cause message loss on recovery
AMQ-6137Special escape characters in LIKE selectors do not work as expected
AMQ-6142ActiveMQBytesMessage decompress throws DataFormatException incorrect header check
AMQ-6146Use proper JSTL tags in the WebConsole
AMQ-6151Redelivered messages bypass priority ordering
AMQ-6152KahaDB scheduler log files not being deleted
AMQ-6168STOMP: Connection should be closed on receiving an invalid STOMP Frame with unknown action value.
AMQ-6169STOMP: Invliad frames are logged in warn messages
AMQ-6170X-Frame-Options are not set for static content
AMQ-6171legal colon in broker name breaks vm transport
AMQ-6183Provide the DispatchAsync value on Subscriptions to the SubscriptionViewMBean
AMQ-6194Deleting a temporary queue creates a warning message in the broker
AMQ-6199cursorMemoryHighWaterMark configuration not applied to topic subscription
AMQ-6206properties in stomp non persistent messages are not reflected in the message size used for usage tracking
AMQ-6207KahaDB: corruption of the index possible on sudden stop of the broker
AMQ-6208The connector's jmx attribute UpdateClusterClients is not correct
AMQ-6211Synchronize creating of JMX OpenType objects
AMQ-6214JAAS bug that causes user group membership not reloaded dynamically when reload is true
AMQ-6215priority message dispatch can be affected by jms browser or expiry processing paging messages in error
AMQ-6218Message content returns null occasionally from Virtual Topic to the consumer
AMQ-6221ActiveMQTextMessage should synchronize on state changes
AMQ-6222Message content can be cleared by mistake when isReduceMemoryFootprint is enabled
AMQ-6235SimpleDiscoveryAgent doesn't honor it's configured initialReconnectDelay
AMQ-6240Producer cannot be terminated when slow consumer is detected
AMQ-6246STOMP: Unprefixed composite destination values not properly parsed
AMQ-6248Failover - transport connected to one broker fails due to error in connection to another broker
AMQ-6250MultiKahaDBTransactionStore should have null protection in close
AMQ-6254Durable wildcard subscription causes memory leak after broker restart
AMQ-6256ConcurentStoreAndDispatch can lead to inconsistent message states using VM Transport
AMQ-6263AMQP: Using JMS Transformer, preserve the type of the original MessageID
AMQ-6264Deadlock on destination map - slow topic sub with slowConsumerAdvisory
AMQ-6275Error when using ws transport connector
AMQ-6285MessageDatabase doesn't properly cleanup the checkpoint scheduler on shutdown
AMQ-6286Queue order lost on repeated redelivery
AMQ-6288Message ack compaction needs to acquire the checkpoint lock
AMQ-6290JMS Pool reconnection logic not always reliable
AMQ-6303Message ack rewrite does not always set the right journal file type code
AMQ-6305AMQP: Drain requests can go unaswered in certain cases.
AMQ-6317ActiveMQ createSchemaStatements are not executed on init if a previous createSchemaStatement failed on execution
AMQ-6340Queue order lost on consumer close in some cases
AMQ-6350PooledConnectionFactory throws 'IllegalStateException: Pool not open' after re-init
AMQ-6361Message can remain inflight after consumer side expiration acknowledgements
AMQ-6370JDBC message store - jdbc connection pool - potential deadlock with cleanup task when pool exhausted
AMQ-6372KahaDB reader pool not releasing unused open files till deletion - too many open files
AMQ-6376IOException on pageIn should involve IOExeceptionHandler
AMQ-6378KahaDb recover from corrupt metadata state locations that can be rebuilt
AMQ-6389LoggingBrokerPlugin logs a message size equal to 0
AMQ-6392Allow host name mapping with publishedAddressPolicy on a transportConnector
AMQ-6406kahadb concurrentStoreAndDispatch - duplicate suppression in cursor needs to wait for possible store add
AMQ-6413kahadb concurrentStoreAndDispatch - producer audit managed by store is skipped
CAMEL-1022DOT generator (Visualizor) - Doen't handle that pipeline is default
COLLECTIONS-580[COLLECTIONS-580] Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-4902Fuse 6.2.1 failed to handle maven repository url with special characters like "@" for authentication parameters.
ENTESB-4957missing package org.apache.geronimo.osgi.locator for features:install pax-*-tomcat
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5818Upgrade httpclient version to latest, at a minimum > 4.3.4
ENTESB-5872Unable to send JSON/Object to activemq in Camel
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTMQ-1160When ActiveMQ encountered exception during rollback, the message is stuck instead of retry the rollback.
ENTMQ-1180Offline Durable Topic Subscription exceeds memory limits
ENTMQ-1419Second connection request with Durable subscriber throws "Setting clientID on a used Connection is not allowed"
ENTMQ-1421Broker starts on corrupted kahadb despite checkForCorruptJournalFiles="true" and ignoreMissingJournalfiles="false"
ENTMQ-1426originalDestination property of advisory messages set to message id in error
ENTMQ-1428AMQ4126Test#testOpenwireNIOSSLWithCertificate fails with JDK8
ENTMQ-1434StompSubscriptionRemoveTest hangs on Solaris with JDK8
ENTMQ-1484Implementation of AMQ-6077 in Fuse 6.2.1 is incomplete
ENTMQ-1517The does not startup properly
ENTMQ-1584Threads Blocked On ActiveMQConnection.ensureConnectionInfoSent
ENTMQ-1656Enable configuration for mqtt-over-ws transport
ENTMQ-1681Issue with message ordering after transaction rollback
ENTMQ-1683*:help missing descriptions for activemq commands
ENTMQ-1708The connection to 'tcp://...' is taking a long time to shutdown
ENTMQ-1791Regression in from ENTMQ-703 leads to metrics issue for temp transactional queues
ENTMQ-1822Broker Unable To Recover After Exceeding File Descriptor Limit
ENTMQ-1823Two clustered A-MQ nodes using JDBCPersistentAdaptor and lease database locker were active the same time
ZOOKEEPER-2380[ZOOKEEPER-2380] Deadlock between leader shutdown and forwarding ACK to the leader
ZOOKEEPER-2383[ZOOKEEPER-2383] Startup race in ZooKeeperServer