5.4. Management Console - 6.3.0

Table 5.4, “Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in 6.3.0.

Table 5.4. Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option
ENTESB-4581Fabric8 jvm options for nodes should be applied when node is started using bin/karaf
ENTESB-4599Hawtio: Update Camel tab for new or removed camel contexts/routes [Fabric mode]
ENTESB-5479Fabric should externalize jolokia-access.xml, or provide similar configuration facilities
ENTESB-5791Jolokia - Allow to override all the defaults at startup time
ENTESB-4708[6.3] Summary of problems with version alignment
ENTESB-5004Update Fuse Jenkins to use Build Pipelines
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments