4.4. Management Console - 6.3.0

Table 4.4, “Issues Resolved in 6.3.0:” lists the issues resolved between Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.1 and 6.3.0.

Table 4.4. Issues Resolved in 6.3.0:

Issue NumberDescription
ENTESB-2401[user experience] hawtio fabric wiki page missing picture
ENTESB-3387RH Access - Links in RHA main menu vanish when mouse over
ENTESB-3504The labels for the Actions submenu on the Wiki page disappear on mouse over
ENTESB-3515Hawtio provides delete button for root container but it cannot be delete
ENTESB-3956OSGi: fast switching OSGi tabs causes exception
ENTESB-3957OSGi - Bundles: Clicking links in a Bundle details page opens the welcome page instead of collapsing a pane conent
ENTESB-4021Camel: Route diagram isn't displayed in IE
ENTESB-4055Improve Hawt.io Performance
ENTESB-4080Can't delete queue created in Hawtio when name contains ":"
ENTESB-4165ActiveMQ - Chart: PersistenceAdapter tree item has "View chart' under Chart tab and no data
ENTESB-4166ActiveMQ - Browse: Checkboxes at message rows works badly after messages list is manually refreshed
ENTESB-4176Camel - Camel Contexts - Attributes: Wrong ordering of some columns with text
ENTESB-4177Camel - Camel Contexts - Attributes: Contexts table isn't refreshed after any context deleted
ENTESB-4183Filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4185OSGi - Bundles - Table view: Ordering of Version column content is wrong
ENTESB-4186OSGi - Features: Filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4193OSGi - Services: Bundle (number value) colomn ordering is lexicographical
ENTESB-4194OSGi - Declarative Services: Activate button is enabled when Activated service is selected, Deactivate as well
ENTESB-4209Preferences - Core - Host identification: All colors in color palette are white (IE10)
ENTESB-4219About page contains unneccessarily 2 same links
ENTESB-4232Containers - Profiles: Stop, Start, Delete buttons shouldn't be there
ENTESB-4234Container detail - Provision list: Filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4246Fabric - Wiki: Deleting default version causes exception and disables Wiki page
ENTESB-4253Fabric - Services - APIs: "APIs, Container, Version" table columns allow only one direction of ordering
ENTESB-4256Fabric - Services - EIPs: Diagram filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4331Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
ENTESB-4350Camel on EAP - filtering is not working
ENTESB-4352Camel on EAP - Route Diagram - ns_error_failure
ENTESB-4365Unnecessary down arrow
ENTESB-4366Camel on EAP - Routes - Clear messages should delete message
ENTESB-4370Camel Debug - Create breakpoint button is not intuitive
ENTESB-4372Cross in filter field is not unified
ENTESB-4375Fabric - Services - APIs: Quickstarts link points to a blank page
ENTESB-4379Camel on EAP - Creating endpoint without choosing component
ENTESB-4380Camel on EAP - checkboxes are not editable
ENTESB-4381Camel on EAP - Type converters - Enable/Disable statistics
ENTESB-4385ContextCreateHandler executed on non camel enabled deployments
ENTESB-4391Null user on EAP
ENTESB-4404No automatic reload after Camel Preferences change
ENTESB-4405Preferences - ID label does not work
ENTESB-4407Camel on EAP - Showing / Hiding Inflight counter does not work
ENTESB-4417Preferences - Server Logs: Log batch size setting doesn't work
ENTESB-4418Camel - two Create Endpoint buttons do different things
ENTESB-4516Location of containers is displayed differently under Containers and Services tabs
ENTESB-4575OSGi - getElementsByTagName error
ENTESB-4766Authorization not working for Hawtio on EAP
ENTESB-4862Hawtio-Viewing history on profile files throws exception
ENTESB-4892"viewer" has some rights unexpected in hawtio
ENTESB-4919Child container does not inherit the location from its parent
ENTESB-4928Missing convertBodyTo icon
ENTESB-4933When cxf service is deployed to child container SwaggerFeature uses root container port instead
ENTESB-4934Possible to Create Duplicate Container Processes in Hawtio
ENTESB-4937Hawtio fails to show custom bundles in OSGi default view
ENTESB-4996Viewer role able to create/delete queues and messages via Hawtio
ENTESB-5013hawtio jetty threadpools tab shows no data
ENTESB-5037Hawtio - clicking on Services/EIPs results in java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication Failed
ENTESB-5059Fabric - Wiki: Several icons missing in the left navigation with checkboxes
ENTESB-5062Fabric: missing all tabs except "Containers"
ENTESB-5088Hawtio JavaScript error when accessing Quartz tab
ENTESB-5191Apparent mismatch between command count with tab completion
ENTESB-5196Vanishing items at various menus
ENTESB-5198Logs: Often Parse error when loading logs
ENTESB-5199Fabric - Containers - Profiles: Clicking profile's tags causes exception
ENTESB-5200Fabric - Containers,Services: Remove Stop button when Root container selected
ENTESB-5209Deleting topics doesn't have a confirmation dialog
ENTESB-5213Bump licence headers to 2016
ENTESB-5226Hawtio change behavior of Activate/Deactivate buttons in OSGi/Declarative Services
ENTESB-5244Fabric - Wiki - Delete version dialog: Change warning for default version
ENTESB-5252Clicking on Jetty tab shows "Are you sure?" screen for a moment
ENTESB-5324Health tab in Hawtio not being displayed for fabric containers
ENTESB-5441Scaling Save and Cancel buttons are not disabled after cancel
ENTESB-5525Fabric - Containers - Location: Filtering field filters containers instead of locations
ENTESB-5566Multiple roles defined in hawtio.roles property not working in EAP
ENTESB-5596OSGi - Declarative Services - {{row.id}} shows up
ENTESB-5622User with Read-only privilege can delete/move messages through hawtio
ENTESB-5629Authenticator.checkIfSubjectHasRequiredRoleOnWebsphere method is missing logic to handle multiple roles
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5657Fabric - Profiles - Deploy: Creating a new container with profiles version other than default fails
ENTESB-5768Fabric - Wiki - profile detail: typing in add artifact field is mirrored to another text field
ENTESB-5818Upgrade httpclient version to latest, at a minimum > 4.3.4
ENTESB-5921There is not Delete button in Hawtio for SSH container
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTESB-5958Fabric - Services - Containers: Containers list disappears when a container migrated to a version not containing one of the current profiles
ENTESB-5976Hawtio on EAP shows wrong Context Root
ENTMQ-1078Some characters in the name of queue should not be allowed
ENTMQ-1850ActiveMQ - Browse: Un/checking all messages doesn't work properly after any message deleted