Chapter 3. Adding a Remote Console User


The server's remote command console is not configured with a default user. Before you can connect to the server's console remotely, you must add a user to the configuration.

3.1. Add a User

Red Hat AMQ is not installed with a default user for the remote console. Before you can remotely manage a server, you must add a user by editing InstallDir/etc/
The information in this file is unencrypted so it is not suitable for environments that require strict security.
To add a user:
  1. Open InstallDir/etc/ in your favorite text editor.
  2. Locate the line #admin=admin,admin,manager,viewer,Operator, Maintainer, Deployer, Auditor, Administrator, SuperUser.
    This line specifies a user admin with the password admin and comma-separated list of roles.
  3. Uncomment the line by removing the leading #.
  4. Change the first admin to the desired user name.
  5. Change the second admin to the desired password.
  6. Leave the role list, admin,manager,viewer,Operator, Maintainer, Deployer, Auditor, Administrator, SuperUser, as is.
  7. Save the changes.