Chapter 2. Upgrade requirements

You must upgrade your custom resources to use API version v1beta2 before upgrading to AMQ Streams version 1.8.

The v1beta2 API version for all custom resources was introduced with AMQ Streams 1.7. For AMQ Streams 1.8, v1alpha1 and v1beta1 API versions were removed from all AMQ Streams custom resources apart from KafkaTopic and KafkaUser.

Upgrade of the custom resources to v1beta2 prepares AMQ Streams for a move to Kubernetes CRD v1, which is required for Kubernetes v1.22.

If you are upgrading from an AMQ Streams version prior to version 1.7:

  1. Upgrade to AMQ Streams 1.7
  2. Convert the custom resources to v1beta2
  3. Upgrade to AMQ Streams 1.8

See Deploying and upgrading AMQ Streams.

2.1. Upgrading custom resources to the v1beta2 version

To support the upgrade of custom resources to v1beta2, AMQ Streams provides an API conversion tool, which you can download from the AMQ Streams download site.

You perform the custom resources upgrades in two steps.

Step one: Convert the format of custom resources

Using the API conversion tool, you can convert the format of your custom resources into a format applicable to v1beta2 in one of two ways:

  • Converting the YAML files that describe the configuration for AMQ Streams custom resources
  • Converting AMQ Streams custom resources directly in the cluster

Alternatively, you can manually convert each custom resource into a format applicable to v1beta2. Instructions for manually converting custom resources are included in the documentation.

Step two: Upgrade CRDs to v1beta2

Next, using the API conversion tool with the crd-upgrade command, you must set v1beta2 as the storage API version in your CRDs. You cannot perform this step manually.

For full instructions, see Upgrading AMQ Streams.