Chapter 5. Console overview

OpenShift Container Platform console plug-ins are available with OpenShift Container Platform 4.10 web console and can be integrated. To use this feature, the console plug-ins must remain enabled. The multicluster engine operator displays certain console features from Infrastructure and Credentials navigation items. If you install Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management, you see more console capability.

Note: For OpenShift Container Platform 4.10 with the plug-ins enabled, you can access Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management within the OpenShift Container Platform console from the cluster switcher by selecting All Clusters from the drop-down menu.

  1. To disable the plug-in, be sure you are in the Administrator perspective in the OpenShift Container Platform console.
  2. Find Administration in the navigation and click Cluster Settings, then click Configuration tab.
  3. From the list of Configuration resources, click the Console resource with the API group, which contains cluster-wide configuration for the web console.
  4. Click on the Console plug-ins tab. The mce plug-in is listed. Note: If Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management is installed, it is also listed as acm.
  5. Modify plug-in status from the table. In a few moments, you are prompted to refresh the console.