Chapter 7. Enabling ManagedServiceAccount add-ons (Technology Preview)

When you install the multicluster engine for Kubernetes operator, the ManagedServiceAccount add-on is disabled by default. This component when enabled allows you to create or delete a service account on a managed cluster.

Required access: Editor

When a ManagedServiceAccount custom resource is created in the <managed_cluster> namespace on the hub cluster, a ServiceAccount is created on the managed cluster.

A TokenRequest is made with the ServiceAccount on the managed cluster to the Kubernetes API server on the managed cluster. The token is then stored in a Secret in the <target_managed_cluster> namespace on the hub cluster.

Note: The token can expire and be rotated. See TokenRequest for more information about token requests.

7.1. Prerequisites

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform version 4.9 or later must be deployed in your environment, and you must be logged in with the command line interface (CLI).
  • You need the multicluster engine for Kubernetes operator installed.

7.2. Enabling ManagedServiceAccount

To enable a Managed-ServiceAccount add-on for a hub cluster and a managed cluster, complete the following steps:

  1. Enable the ManagedServiceAccount add-on on hub cluster. See Advanced configuration to learn more.
  2. Deploy the ManagedServiceAccount add-on and apply it to your target managed cluster. Create the following YAML file and replace target_managed_cluster with the name of the managed cluster where you are applying the Managed-ServiceAccount add-on:

    kind: ManagedClusterAddOn
      name: managed-serviceaccount
      namespace: <target_managed_cluster>
      installNamespace: open-cluster-management-agent-addon
  3. Run the following command to apply the file:

    oc apply -f -

    You have now enabled the Managed-ServiceAccount plugin for your managed cluster. See the following steps to configure a ManagedServiceAccount.

  4. Create a ManagedServiceAccount custom resource with the following YAML source:

    kind: ManagedServiceAccount
      name: <managed_serviceaccount_name>
      namespace: <target_managed_cluster>
      rotation: {}
    • Replace managed_serviceaccount_name with the name of your ManagedServiceAccount.
    • Replace target_managed_cluster with the name of the managed cluster to which you are applying the ManagedServiceAccount.
  5. To verify, view the tokenSecretRef attribute in the ManagedServiceAccount object status to find the secret name and namespace. Run the following command with your account and cluster name:

    oc get managedserviceaccount <managed_serviceaccount_name> -n <target_managed_cluster> -o yaml
  6. View the Secret containing the retrieved token that is connected to the created ServiceAccount on the managed cluster. Run the following command:

    oc get secret <managed_serviceaccount_name> -n <target_managed_cluster> -o yaml