Chapter 2. Getting started

2.1. Introduction

Before you install the multicluster engine for Kubernetes operator, review the system configuration requirements and settings at Requirements and recommendations. With a supported version of OpenShift Container Platform installed and running on your cluster, you can proceed with Installing while connected online.

2.2. Create and manage clusters

After you have installed, you are ready to create, import, and manage clusters. From your multicluster engine for Kubernetes cluster, you can create other Openshift Container Platform clusters to manage.

  1. See Creating a cluster to learn about the types of managed clusters you can create.
  2. If you have a cluster that you want to import manually, view Importing a cluster to learn how to import a managed cluster.
  3. You can view Detaching a managed cluster when you no longer need to manage a cluster.

2.3. ManifestWork example

You can view the process and example at Deploying workload with ManifestWork.