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Chapter 10. Redesign of the 3scale Documentation Library

This document describes the redesign of the 3scale Documentation Library. The primary focus of this redesign is on rearranging content to facilitate usability and navigation.

First, you will find a mapping between the base and the redesigned structures. Then, for each new documentation category, you will see an outline of the mapping from the base to the redesigned library.


  • Blue box → Category name
  • Pink box → Reused book
  • Green box → New book

10.1. General mapping

General mapping

10.2. Mapping: Release Information

Mapping: Release Information

10.3. Mapping: First Steps with 3scale

Mapping: First Steps with 3scale

10.4. Mapping: Operational Management of 3scale

Mapping: Operational Management of 3scale

10.5. Mapping: Admin Portal Guide

Mapping: Admin Portal Guide

10.6. Mapping: Developer Portal Guide

Mapping: Developer Portal Guide

10.7. Mapping: API Gateway

Mapping: API Gateway

10.8. Mapping: Reference

Mapping: Reference