Chapter 4. New features

4.1. Major features

  • APIcast API Gateway:

    • New TLS Client Certificate Validation Policy, to allow Mutual TLS between gateway and clients (JIRA #1671).
    • New Content-based routing policy based on headers (JIRA #1411).
  • Added the feature to configure the allowed OAuth flows per API. When an API service is updated through the Admin Portal, the corresponding flows are enabled on the RH-SSO side (JIRA #774).
  • Introducing a new option to stop processing mapping rules once the first one is met (JIRA #1344).
  • The authentication settings for the API gateway now include a Basic Authentication option to allow the API Credentials to be passed in an HTTP Authorization header (JIRA #430).

4.2. Minor features

  • Now you can update extra Application Plan values (JIRA #1868).
  • Swiss Franc (CHF) and Saudi Riyal (SAR) have been included to the list of supported currencies (JIRA #1594).
  • Providers are now able to programmatically configure user access rights via API. Two new endpoints 'User Permissions Read' and 'User Permissions Update' have been added to the Account Management API (JIRA #484).
  • A new endpoint called 'Access token create' has been added to the Account Management API. Now it is possible to programmatically create an access token and to assign the scopes needed for a specific use case (JIRA #1112), as well as to search, show and delete the Access Token API endpoint (JIRA #1766).