Chapter 9. Changes in 3scale 2.5

9.1. Deprecated features

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is deprecated in this release. This web browser will not be supported in future releases of 3scale.
  • Oracle Database with non-CDB architecture is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c, and this influences when using this architecture as a part of the 3scale database. Inline with Oracle’s recommendations, we advise using a CDB architecture. Non-CDB configurations may be unsupported in future releases. For more details, refer to Deprecation of Non-CDB Architecture.

9.2. Removed features

  • End User Plans feature has been removed. This feature is replaced by the ability to define rate limits for end users using the APIcast policy for edge limiting. For more details, see Edge Limiting Policy.
  • The latest transactions page is no longer available (JIRA #1767).

9.3. Changes in documentation

9.4. Future changes

  • The installation process is changing from template-based to operator-based. In this release we are introducing the new 3scale operator as a Technology Preview. In future releases, installation via the operator will be the standard mechanism for deploying the 3scale API Management solution.
  • A new registry is available for accessing product images ( This registry requires authentication to access as opposed to the old registry ( As a transition step, in 3scale 2.5 images will be published in both registries, but in 2.6 they will only be published in the authenticated registry. For more details, refer to Transitioning the Red Hat container registry and Registry Authentication.