Chapter 5. Personal Settings

In Personal settings you can edit your preferences as a team member. If you’re an admin, you will also be able to edit the account preferences. For that, check out the account configuration tutorial.

5.1. Types of settings

There are 3 types of settings you can edit from here

  • Personal Details: Name, email, password, etc.
  • Tokens: Create access tokens to authenticate against the 3scale APIs – Billing, Account Management, and Analytics – and try them out using our ActiveDocs (interactive documentation). Learn more about 3scale tokens.
  • Notification Preferences: Select which notifications you’d like to receive. Note: If you’re an enterprise customer, and if you are a member, these are filtered by area and service. This means you’ll only be able to subscribe to notifications re: areas and services you’ve been given access to. More on notification preferences here.
Personal settings