Chapter 4. Notifications

Notifications are sent to admins and members to make it easier to parse developer activity (new account

4.1. Types of notifications

There are different types of notifications:

  • Accounts
  • Billing
  • Applications
  • Service subscriptions
  • Usage alerts

4.2. Visibility

Admin users have access to all notifications.

Member users have access only to notifications of the areas they have been given access to. For example, a member will only have access to notifications related to billing if they have access to the billing section.

For enterprise accounts, member users will only have access to notifications regarding activity of the services they have been granted access to.

4.3. Subscribing to notifications by email

Subscriptions are personal and can only be modified by the person receiving those notifications. To edit your subscriptions:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings (gear icon in the navigation bar) > Personal > Notification Preferences.
  2. Select the notifications you would like to receive.
  3. Click Update Notification Preferences.

4.4. Web notifications

In addition to email notifications, you can find information about the last activities in your Dashboard:

Accounts dashboard