Chapter 2. Red Hat Single Sign On for the 3scale Admin Portal

This guide provides information about how to configure and use Red Hat Single Sign On (RH-SSO) with the 3scale Admin Portal.

2.1. Enable RH-SSO or Auth0 member authentication

3scale supports single sign-on (SS0) authentication for your members and administrators.

The 3scale Admin Portal supports the following SSO providers, each which support a number of identity brokering and member federation options:


You can enable multiple SSO member authentication types

Only users that have been added to RH-SSO or Auth0 will be able to access your 3scale Admin Portal through SSO. If you want to further restrict the access by either roles or user groups you should refer to the corresponding step by step tutorials on the RH-SSO or Auth0 support portals.

Once you have established SSO through your chosen provider, you must configure it and enable it on the 3scale Admin Portal.

2.1.1. RH SSO prerequisites

2.1.2. Auth0 prerequisites

  • An Auth0 Subscription and account

2.1.3. Enable RH-SSO

As an administrator, perform the following steps in the 3scale Admin Portal to enable RH-SSO or Auth0:

  1. Ensure your preferred SSO provider, highlighted in the prerequisites, has been properly configured
  2. Navigate to SSO Integrations in the Account Settings:

    • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page
    • Navigate to Account Settings (gear icon) > Users > SSO Integrations, and click New SSO Integration.
  3. Select your SSO provider from the dropdown list
  4. Enter the required information, provided when you configured your SSO:

    • Client
    • Client Secret
    • Realm or Site
  5. Click Create Authentication Provider

If, during testing, you encounter a callback URL mismatch, add the callback URL shown in the error message to your Auth0 allowed callback URLs.

2.2. Using RH-SSO with 3scale

Once you have configured SSO, members can sign on using the account credentials in connected IdPs.

Follow these steps to log in to the 3scale Admin Portal using SSO:

  1. Navigate to your 3scale login page:

  2. Authorize 3scale with your IdP
  3. If necessary, complete sign up by entering any needed information

Once you successfully sign up, you will have a member account under the API provider organization, and you will be automatically logged in.

2.3. Redirecting a 3scale login to a RH-SSO option

This section describes the redirection to an Identity Provider (IdP) login window via RH-SSO. As a 3scale API Management administrator, complete these steps to have your 3scale account accessible through an optional single sign-on (SSO) login page.

2.3.1. Prerequisites

  • 3scale 2.13
  • An RH-SSO instance and realm configured as described under the Configuring RH-SSO section of the Developer Portal documentation.

Before you can integrate RH-SSO with 3scale, you must have a working RH-SSO instance. Refer to the RH-SSO documentation for installation instructions: Installing RH-SSO 7.2.

2.3.2. Required steps

  1. Access and follow the instructions for setting up RH-SSO under the Red Hat Single Sign-On for the 3scale Admin Portal section of the 3scale documentation.
  2. Provide your RH-SSO administrator with your 3scale URL that will form the basis for a redirect within RH-SSO for your secure logon. Use the following URL format:

  3. <system_name> can be fetched via the SSO Integration detail page of the Admin Portal:

  4. keycloak_0123456aaaaa can also be found via the SSO Integration detail page in the Callback URL for OAuth flow test field, which looks like the following: