Chapter 1. New features

1.1. Major features

  • Support for zero downtime upgrades (JIRA #4722 and JIRA #4723).
  • Additional operator enhancements: added monitoring resources for System & Zync components though Grafana and Prometheus (JIRA #4743 and JIRA #4744).
  • Support for Oracle as an external database on OpenShift 4.x deployments (JIRA #2998).
  • APIcast gateway adapted to support a validated cryptographic module with FIPS 140-2, exclusively for all operations relating to the decryption and encryption of SSL/TLS and HTTP/2 traffic (JIRA #5337).
  • Possibility to configure the limits for request and response payload size (JIRA #5244).
  • Support for PROXY protocol in IP Check Policy of APIcast (JIRA #5366).
  • Enhancements in the user experience and user interface for a renewed Dashboard, and standalone pages for Products and Backends.

1.2. Minor features

  • Automatic redirection of users to Single Sign-On if it is enforced for an account (JIRA #2795).
  • Added GET endpoint to read the Active document in the Account Management API (JIRA #5826).
  • Improved performance of the proxy config and /admin/api/service.json endpoints, resulting in a faster retrieval of configurations when there is a large number of services (JIRA #4528).
  • Monitoring resources to debug specific components (JIRA #4801).
  • Added configuration of the storage space in the 3scale operator (JIRA #3652).
  • Customizable resource requirements in the APIcast operator (JIRA #5964).
  • Empty as a default value for the Caching policy (JIRA #1514).
  • Extended features for the URL Rewriting with Captures policy (JIRA #6270).
  • In the 3scale Admin Portal, Account Settings is now listed in the context switcher (JIRA #6241).
  • After you finish the installation, you will get a link to the 3scale Master account portal in the OpenShift dashboard for your namespace (JIRA #5444).