Chapter 4. Known issues

  • Integrating with Braintree: If you upgrade to 3scale 2.10 integrated with a Braintree account without 3DS version 2, payment integration does not work. You have two alternatives:

    • Integrate 3scale with a Braintree account having 3DS version 2 enabled.
    • Consider not upgrading to 3scale 2.10, until we announce the availability of a solution for integrations with Braintree without 3DS.
  • 3scale monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana performs inaccurately when showing values (JIRA #6446 and JIRA #6403).
  • Sphinx searches return all the existing records if you search by the name of the class (JIRA #6405).
  • Search does not work for newly created services and backends until these items are indexed the next day (JIRA #6205).
  • System/Zync sometimes fails to create routes when deploying 3scale (JIRA #6391).
  • User names in 3scale must be 40 characters or fewer. When a user name has more than 40 characters, 3scale usually truncates it. Consider this when you do any of the following:

    • Create a developer account.
    • Create a provider account as the master.
    • Add a user to a provider account as the provider or as the master.
    • Add a user to a developer account in the Developer Portal or in the Admin Portal.

    User names must be 40 characters or fewer when using Red Hat Single Sign-On to authenticate access to the Admin Portal or Developer Portal.