Chapter 6. Changes in 3scale

This section announces current and future changes for 3scale 2.10

6.1. Integrating 3scale with payment gateways

  • 3scale 2.10 introduces changes in the Stripe and Braintree payment gateway integrations to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations. If you are using one of these payment gateway integrations, ensure that you understand the following points before upgrading 3scale to 2.10:

    • Integration with Stripe: Documentation with the steps to configure 3scale with Stripe will be available soon. When the content is available, we will update this notice.

    • Integration with Braintree: If you are integrating 3scale 2.10 with Braintree, ensure your Braintree account is enabled with 3DS version 2.

6.2. Deprecated features

  • Support for APIcast deployments running as a container in RHEL7 and Docker is deprecated. In future releases we will only support RHEL8. In case of running APIcast self-managed as a container, the recommendation is to move to RHEL8 and Podman.

6.3. Removed features

  • Support for Oracle 12c was replaced with Oracle 19c.

6.4. Future changes

  • Currently, when Proxy Update is used, it creates a new APIcast configuration version for the Staging environment with the updated settings. This will not be the case in future releases; users will need to use the new Proxy Config Promote endpoint for this purpose.
  • Support for Redis 3.2 will be removed in future versions.