Chapter 3. 3scale operator-based upgrade guide: from 2.9 to 2.10

This section contains information about upgrading Red Hat 3scale API Management from version 2.9 to 2.10, in an operator-based deployment.

To automatically obtain a micro-release of 3scale, make sure automatic updates is on. To check this, see Setting up the 3scale operator for micro releases.


In order to understand the required conditions and procedure, read the entire upgrade guide before applying the listed steps. The upgrade process disrupts the provision of the service until the procedure finishes. Due to this disruption, make sure to have a maintenance window.

3.1. Prerequisites to perform the upgrade

This section describes the required configurations to upgrade 3scale from 2.9 to 2.10 in an operator-based installation.

  • 3scale 2.9 previously deployed via the 3scale operator.
  • An OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.x cluster with administrator access.

3.2. Upgrading from 2.9 to 2.10 in an operator-based installation

To upgrade 3scale from version 2.9 to 2.10 in an operator-based deployment:

  1. Log in to the OCP console using the account with administrator privileges.
  2. Select the project where the 3scale-operator has been deployed.
  3. Click Operators > Installed Operators.
  4. Select Red Hat Integration - 3scale > Subscription > Channel.
  5. Edit the channel of the subscription by selecting threescale-2.10 and save the changes.

    • This will start the upgrade process.
    • Wait until the upgrade process finishes for APIManager.
  6. Query the pods status on the project:

    oc get pods
    • Wait until all the new versions are running and ready without errors.
    • They might have temporary errors during the upgrade process.


      Times can vary from 5-10 minutes approximately. Be sure to keep checking the state of the pods until all of them are running, ready, and without errors.

  7. Confirm the upgrade process has been successful, by logging in to the 3scale Admin Portal and check that it works as expected.
  8. Check the status of the APIManager objects and get the YAML content by running the following command:

    oc get apimanager <myapimanager> -o yaml
    • The new annotations with the values should be as follows: "2.10" "0.7.0"

After you have performed all the listed steps, 3scale upgrade from 2.9 to 2.10 in an operator-based deployment is now complete.