Chapter 1. Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform (AMP) 2.1 On-Premises Release Notes

1.1. New Features

1.1.1. Major Changes

1.1.2. Resolved Issues

  • Unable to use SSL on webhooks Issue #179
  • Developer Portal: new user can bypass the account approval Issue #127
  • Dashboard graphs show wrong date on mouseover Issue #291
  • updated_at parameter not updated after regenerating client secret value Issue #290

1.2. Documentation

1.3. Technical preview features

  • Wildcard domain router. Direct traffic through a wildcard domain. See documentation.

1.4. Known issues

  • Wildcard routing contains the following limitations:

    • You must set the template parameter TENANT_NAME to a value that does not start with a number
    • It doesn’t correctly pass headers with underscore in name
    • API endpoints must end with the -staging or -production suffix.

    See the following resources for more information: Documentation, Solution

  • ActiveDocs don’t work out-of-the-box and need CORS. RFE
  • When enabling SSO for the admin portal with Auth0 or Red Hat Single Sign-On, note that the callback URL has a different format for the authentication flow test. You will need to add a second callback URL to the Auth0 client in order for the test call to work. Known Issue, Known Issue
  • Deploying 3scale AMP 2.1 on OpenShift Dedicated has been successfully tested but it’s not supported yet (see for latest updates).
  • Deploying 3scale on OpenShift Container Development Kit is not supported. For testing purposes, you can obtain a free account from the 3scale website.
  • Service name not shown in the Developer portal (Applications view). Bug fix, Solution
  • Race condition when service is been created using REST API Bug