11.5. Viewing Applications for a User

If you have created applications, view a list of all your applications with the following command:
$ rhc apps

Example 11.6. Viewing Applications for User

$ rhc apps
racer @ http://racer-automobile.example.com/ (uuid: 926056f8845b4e388b37f6735c89d0eb)
  Domain:  		automobile
  Created: 		Dec 19 10:20 PM
  Gears:   		1 (defaults to small)
  Git URL: 		ssh://926056f8845b4e388b37f6735c89d0eb@racer-automobile.example.com/~/git/racer.git/
  SSH:     		926056f8845b4e388b37f6735c89d0eb@racer-automobile.example.com
  Deployment: 		auto (on git push)

  php-5.4 (PHP 5.4)
    Gears: 1 small
Use the --mine option to only list the applications that are within domains that you have created:
$ rhc apps --mine
Applications that you have access to, but did not create, will not be listed.