3.2.4. Viewing All Public Keys

View a list of all public keys associated with an account with the following command:
$ rhc sshkey list

Example 3.3. Viewing All Public Keys

$ rhc sshkey list
libra (type: ssh-rsa)
  Fingerprint: 43:f5:29:ad:9f:b8:b3:a6:e7:88:c9:7f:4c:a9:0c:ad

winKey (type: ssh-rsa)
  Fingerprint: 0c:16:81:e3:51:eb:12:90:f6:03:80:g2:a2:10:78:14

default (type: ssh-rsa)
  Fingerprint: 43:f8:93:re:9f:a3:a8:f4:f3:34:g8:3d:1g:d8:3c:as
  Available:   true

You have 3 SSH keys associated with your account.