5.2.3. Viewing a Domain

View information about the default domain with the following command:
$ rhc domain show

Example 5.3. Viewing a Domain

$ rhc domain show
Domain automobile
  Created:            Oct 01  7:28 PM
  Allowed Gear Sizes: small, medium

  racer @ http://racer-automobile.example.com/ (uuid: 926056f8845b4e388b37f6735c89d0eb)
    Domain:  automobile
    Created: Oct 01  7:28 PM
    Gears:   2 (defaults to small)
    Git URL: ssh://926056f8845b4e388b37f6735c89d0eb@racer-automobile.example.com/~/git/racer.git/
    SSH:     926056f8845b4e388b37f6735c89d0eb@racer-automobile.example.com

    php-5.4 (PHP 5.4)
      Scaling: x2 (minimum: 2, maximum: 2) on small gears

You have 1 application in your domain.
If multiple domains exist, specify the name of the domain with the -n option:
$ rhc domain show -n Domain_Name