3.2.7. Resolving Authentication Issues

Occasionally, a local private key might not match the public key stored on the OpenShift Enterprise remote server, or the matching key might not be found on the local file system. This can cause connection issues, or the SSH key authentication process can fail, in which case a new pair of SSH keys must be generated. If you are having problems authenticating, generate a new pair of SSH keys in one of two ways:
  • Use the interactive setup wizard (recommended)
  • Manually generate and add SSH keys Resolving Issues with Interactive Setup Wizard

Red Hat recommends resolving authentication issues with the interactive setup wizard to generate a new pair of SSH keys. The interactive setup wizard also provides the option to automatically upload a new public key to the OpenShift Enterprise server. Launch the interactive setup wizard with the rhc setup command and follow the onscreen instructions.
See the Client Tools Installation Guide for more information about the client tools and the interactive setup wizard.