7.2. Managing Domain Membership

7.2.1. Adding a Member

Add a user to a domain with the following command, specifying the user login and domain name. The user login must be a registered OpenShift Enterprise user.
$ rhc member add user@myemail.com -n Domain_Name
When a member is added to a domain, they receive the default role of edit. Use the --role option when adding a member to specify a different role:
$ rhc member add user@myemail.com -n Domain_Name --role Member_Role
Adding a Team to a Domain

When adding a team to a domain, use the --type option with team specified:

$ rhc member add Team_Name -n Domain_Name --type team

A global team can be added with the --global option:
$ rhc member add Global_Team_Name -n Domain_Name --type team --global
You can also add a team by specifying the team ID:
$ rhc member add Team_ID -n Domain_Name --type team --ids


As with adding a member, use the --role option.