11.9. Managing Applications in a Secure Shell Environment

11.9.1. Introduction to Secure Shell Environment

Managing applications in a secure shell environment provides specialized tools for advanced operations and general debugging. Access to applications with the shell environment is protected and restricted with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) policies.


Although accessing applications with the shell environment provides advanced operations, accidental damage to an application can occur. Therefore, Red Hat recommends to use shell access only when necessary.
The following table describes the available options when accessing applications in a secure shell environment:

Table 11.5. Options for Accessing Applications in Secure Shell Environment

Option Description
-n, --namespace [NAME] Domain where you wish to create the application.
--ssh [PATH] Path to SSH executable or additional options.
--gears Execute the command on all application gears; requires a command.
--limit [INTEGAR] Limit the number of simultaneous SSH connections that can be opened with the --gears option; default is 5.
--command [COMMAND] Command to run in the application's secure shell environment.
-a, --app [NAME] Name for the application to be created.
-l, --rhlogin [LOGIN] OpenShift Enterprise user account.
-p, --password [PASSWORD] OpenShift Enterprise account password.