13.6. Hot Deployment

13.6.1. Introduction to Hot Deployment

When the git push command is run to upload code modifications, OpenShift Enterprise stops, builds, deploys, and restarts an application. This entire process takes time to complete and is unnecessary for many types of code changes. With hot deployment the changes to application code are applied without restarting the application cartridge, resulting in increased deployment speed and minimized application downtime.
OpenShift Enterprise provides support for hot deployment through a hot_deploy marker file. If the marker is present, supported application cartridges automatically hot deploy when the git push command is executed.

Table 13.13. Application Types That Can or Cannot Be Hot Deployed

Type of Application Hot Deploy
JBoss Application Server Yes
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Yes
Tomcat 6 (JBoss Enterprise Web Server 1.0) Yes
Tomcat 7 (JBoss Enterprise Web Server 2.0) Yes
Perl Yes
Ruby Yes
Python Yes
Node.js Yes
Zend Server Yes
Jenkins No
HAProxy No